What does"cliche"mean in English?

Answer A cliché is an unoriginal idiom or adage that demonstrates a lack of creativity on the part of the user. "Life's a beach" would be an example of a cliché. Trite, hackneyed, overly familiar and pr... Read More »

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What does the bee mean in spelling bee?

"Bee" as it is used in "spelling bee" derives from the English word "bene," meaning benefit. As the insects called bees carry out communal tasks for the well being of the group, bees are social gat... Read More »

What does an ide error mean?

An “IDE Error” message indicates that there is some issue with one or multiple IDE devices installed in a personal computer setup. This could mean that one or multiple IDE devices have imprope... Read More »

What does"DNS error"mean on a PSP?

A Domain Name Service (DNS) error occurs when a PSP cannot connect to the Internet. According to the PlayStation Knowledge Center, you need a wireless router to connect to in order to browse the In... Read More »

What does a dns error mean?

A DNS error means your Web browser is having trouble reaching a DNS server and cannot correctly interpret Web addresses and correctly load websites.DNS ServersDNS (domain name system) servers are c... Read More »