What does the word cd mean when talking about bank accounts?

Answer A CD is a certificate of deposit. You deposit a certain amount of money with a bank for a fixed period, usually from 1 to 5 years, and in return you are guaranteed a locked interest rate which is h... Read More »

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What does overkill mean when talking about RAM.?

In a simple way, think of painting a room. When one coat covers the room, and a second coat does a nicer perfect job, there are people that would give it four coats of paint, and that is a waste of... Read More »

What does Da mean when talking about conductivity?

Avatar Adi Da was a spiritual teacher who taught a belief in "conductivity" or responsibility for life energy. He taught followers that the physical body is not the totality of being; people are al... Read More »

What does 10-24 mean when talking about screws?

A 10-24 screw is a machine screw with a shaft diameter that measures between .1818 to .1900 inches. Industry standard numeric sizes are based on shaft diameter; this is where the number 10 comes fr... Read More »

What does DAP mean when talking about fertilizers?

DAP stands for diammonium phosphate. It is used in fertilizers because it temporarily raises the soil pH. DAP is alkaline and has a high pH level, so it is best for soil that has a pH level under 7... Read More »