What does the word Eskimo literally mean?

Answer The word "Eskimo" comes from an Algonquin word that literally means "raw meat eaters." Although the term Eskimo is still used by many Americans to refer to the Inuit people, it is considered a dero... Read More »

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What does the word Eskimo mean?

"Eskimo" has been used to describe the Inuit of Greenland, Canada and northern Alaska, as well as the Yupik of Russia's far east and Alaska's west. The meaning of the word "Eskimo" is in dispute du... Read More »

What do you call a double Eskimo brother Or for that matter a triple Eskimo brother?

Yes you are but not by blood.Distant related by marriage and can say cousin in law as you both connect into one family as both Aunt and Uncle but however not on same blood line.

How to Do an Eskimo Roll?

Eskimo rolls in kayaks are feared by novices, envied by intermediates, and known by all. However, these rolls are very simple, safe, and fun, provided that you learn and execute them properly. Ther... Read More »

How to Tell a Pomeranian From an American Eskimo?

Both members of the Spitz family, the American Eskimo and the Pomeranian come from very different origins. The older of the two breeds, Pomeranians were first bred in Germany in the 1800s. American... Read More »