What does the willy wonka candy company make?

Answer Bottle capsGobstoppersRuntsSpreesFun DipNerdsPixie stixSweetartsWonka is a division of Nestles...

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How to Make a Golden Ticket (Willy Wonka Inspired)?

Do you like the witty, family movie Willy Wonka? Well you can make the movie come to life by making a golden ticket!

What candy does Wonka make?

Nestle's Wonka brand includes candies that appear in Roald Dahl's classic book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," such as the fruit-flavored jawbreakers known as Everlasting Gobstoppers and choco... Read More »

Who is Willy Wonka?

Willy Wonka is a fictitious character created by author Roald Dahl. He appears in two of Dahl's books: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator."Chocolate Maker... Read More »

Can you buy Willy Wonka chocolate?

The success of Roald Dahl's children's book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" prompted the creation of a real Wonka chocolate bar. The Willy Wonka Candy Co. is a licensed offshoot of Nestle, and ... Read More »