What does the white fox symbolize in japan?

Answer The white fox symbolizes the Inari Temple in Japanese culture. Inari is the Japanese god of rice, sake and prosperity. In modern times, Inari has also come to be the god of business. Therefore, the... Read More »

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What does a white flower or rose symbolize?

White flowers or roses symbolize innocence and purity. They also can represent sympathy and reverence, which is why they fill funeral floral arrangements. They also are known as a bridal flower, pr... Read More »

What does the color white symbolize on the Colorado flag?

White on the Colorado flag symbolizes the snow-capped mountains. Blue represents clear skies; gold, sunshine; and red, the soil. Colorado's star on the United States flag was added in 1877, making ... Read More »

What does the number 59 symbolize?

The number 59 can symbolize a variety of things. Praseodymium, a metal element discovered in 1885, has an atomic number of 59. A score of 59 is considered golf's magic number because it is the lowe... Read More »

What does the Kokopelli symbolize?

Kokopelli is the symbol and name for the fertility god used by the Hopi Indian Tribe of the American southwest. The symbol appears as a hunchbacked person playing a musical instrument similar to a ... Read More »