What does the uterus do when a baby is being born?

Answer When the baby is born, the uterus wall, which is very muscular helps push the baby out. when you feel pain during the childbirth, what you are really feeling is the muscular wall in you uterus cont... Read More »

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When a baby is being born how long does it take to come out?

My labor was 16 hours long. Even though that was my first child, most people take days if its natural from not knowing how to push correctly. It's all about your butt. You have to push as if you we... Read More »

What is the process in which the baby is pushed from the uterus to be born?

you have to go from 0 station all the way to 10 centimeters 2 persent or 1 percent effaced

Why does your new born baby cry while being massaged?

This can be caued by overstimulation. Try to remove other stimuli before trying to massage your baby again. You could turn the lights low, eliminate noise, and use a low, soothing tone of voice.

Why does a new born baby cry after it is being taken out from the womb?

Because it's being taken from the only home it's known. And if the baby didn't cry their is probibly something wrong.