What does the tooth fairy do with all the teeth she collects?

Answer Well, she takes them back home to her castle and saves them in a big jar...then when the jar is filled she takes it to the black market and sells it there in order to get she can then ge... Read More »

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Does the tooth fairy visit when your children lose their teeth?

i remember i got $1 then the next time $2 and the next time $3 and it kept building up to $10. i decieded to write a letter and i got a letter back then later on i found the document on the compute... Read More »

If you sleep with your head under your pillow, will the Tooth Fairy come at night and take all your teeth?

The Tooth Fairy will be visiting soon. What is the going rate for a first tooth?

The Lilliputian humanoid creature in my house gets $1. :P

How to Help the Tooth Fairy?

Make a visit from the Tooth Fairy special.