What does the title right reverend mean?

Answer "Right reverend" is an honorary form of address or title used in some Christian denominations for a higher-level clergyperson. For example, the Church of England uses it for bishops and abbots, amo... Read More »

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What does the title Reverend mean?

A reverend is a member of the clergy. It is also used as a title for anyone who is ordained (invested with priestly authority) in the Christian faith. Reverends may perform marriages, as well as ot... Read More »

What does bcc mean on a title?

"BCC" located at the top title of an email is an abbreviation for "Blind Carbon Copy." The header lists additional recipients for a message to be sent. However, unlike "CC" or Carbon Copy, "BCC" en... Read More »

What does llc mean in a company title?

A LLC, or limited liability company, is a type of business structure designed to limit the personal liability or risk to the owners of the company. The owners of the company are referred to as memb... Read More »

What does p.c. mean in a lawyer's title?

P.C. stands for Professional Corporation, and its use is not limited to lawyers. Any service that requires a license to practice, for example doctors and accountants, can form a professional corpor... Read More »