What does the term introduced species mean?

Answer The term "introduced species" refers to any type of species whether animal or not that is introduced to a specific region or area rather than occurring there naturally. An example is the presence ... Read More »

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What does the term"protected species"mean?

A protected species are animals that have been determined to be threatened with extinction in the near future. These species are protected by federal and/or state law to ensure that their habitat i... Read More »

What does"endangered species"mean?

An endangered species is any species that is threatened with extinction in a particular habitat range. The population of an endangered species is so low that the gene pool diversity is adversely af... Read More »

Who introduced the golf term caddie?

The term caddie was first defined as a person who carried golf clubs in 1857. However, the first caddie was Andrew Dickson who caddied for the Duke of York in 1681. The word caddie comes from "le c... Read More »

What does the term o.s. mean?

In computers, the abbreviation "O.S." stands for "operating system." When you start your computer, the operating system, such as Windows or Mac OS X, is the first thing that you see. All of your ot... Read More »