What does the term granny shifting mean?

Answer Granny shifting is an automotive term referring to a process in driving a manual transmission vehicle. Granny shifters pause in neutral when shifting gears. For example, rather than shifting direct... Read More »

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What does time shifting mean on DVD recorders?

The time shifting that today's DVD recorders and DVRs do is a throwback to the VCR. It refers to the concept of recording a program when it is broadcast and watching it at some other time. In other... Read More »

What does the term DLL mean?

The term "DLL" stands for "Dynamic Link Library." Many of the core files of the Windows operating system are .DLL files, including device drivers, executable programs and libraries of code that pro... Read More »

What does the term 120 hz mean on a tv?

Normally in the US voltage for TVs is 120 volts at 60 Hz (hertz). Many countries use 220, 230 or 240 volts at 50 Hz. To understand hertz, you need to understand AC voltage. AC voltage cycles betwee... Read More »

What does the term s/p mean?

The abbreviation s/p is an acronym used in the medical community for status/post. Status/post is used to alert medical caregivers and personnel of prior conditions a patient has recently suffered.R... Read More »