What does the legal term"under agreement"mean?

Answer The legal term "under agreement" means that two parties have agreed to an accepted offer or proposal under a binding contract. Signatures of both parties are signed usually after the legal term.Ref... Read More »

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Where did the term"doughboy"come from and what does it mean?

During World War I, American infantryman were called doughboys. Though some argue about how the name came about, journalist H.L. Mencken explained that infantrymen made doughy biscuits from their f... Read More »

Where did the term 'holiday' come from and what does it mean?

Answer The word Holiday probably comes from "Holy Day". Answer I think this term comes from holy day or saint's day which would be a day off from work. The christian calendar used to be full of th... Read More »

What does the term ltd mean?

In everyday lingo, the term Ltd is an abbreviation for the word limited. When it is used in a business sense, Ltd refers to limited liability or a private company that is limited by its shares. Ltd... Read More »

What does the term PhD mean?

Sometimes you will see the letters PhD listed after someone's name. These letters stand for Doctor of Philosophy and signify that the person has completed a doctoral or terminal degree.References:W... Read More »