What does the term franchise player mean?

Answer In the National Football League, teams can choose one player each year as their franchise player. The player must negotiate only with that team and in return is guaranteed a competitive salary. The... Read More »

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What does it mean to franchise an nfl player?

National Football League teams may tag one player every year as the franchise player. Franchise players must earn the average salary of the five highest players at the position or receive a 20 perc... Read More »

Can a franchise player be traded?

A franchise player can be traded. It is not uncommon for NFL teams to designate a player their franchise player at the end of the season with the intent of trading him. Placing the "franchise tag" ... Read More »

Can short-term&long-term disability insurance be deducted from federal taxes?

Taxpayers are not allowed to deduct premiums that they paid for personal disability insurance. While it is legal to deduct other forms of insurance, such as business liability insurance, personal d... Read More »

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