What does the term franchise player mean?

Answer In the National Football League, teams can choose one player each year as their franchise player. The player must negotiate only with that team and in return is guaranteed a competitive salary. The... Read More »

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What does it mean to franchise an nfl player?

National Football League teams may tag one player every year as the franchise player. Franchise players must earn the average salary of the five highest players at the position or receive a 20 perc... Read More »

What does franchise mean?

Franchise has three meanings. The most common interpretation refers to a business model in which an individual purchases the right to operate under a name and benefit from a parent company (for exa... Read More »

What does the term o.s. mean?

In computers, the abbreviation "O.S." stands for "operating system." When you start your computer, the operating system, such as Windows or Mac OS X, is the first thing that you see. All of your ot... Read More »

What does the term ltd mean?

In everyday lingo, the term Ltd is an abbreviation for the word limited. When it is used in a business sense, Ltd refers to limited liability or a private company that is limited by its shares. Ltd... Read More »