What does the term Body Only mean when buying a digital camera?

Answer It probably refers to an SLR style camera which can be purchased without a Lens as the lens are interchangeable.

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What makes people want to use a digital camera instead of buying a disposal camera?

Once you have a digital camera and a compatible memory chip, you can take almost countless pictures for no additional expense. As the memory chip fills up, you can upload it to a computer and then ... Read More »

Help with buying a digital camera?

Shutter speed is different than FPS (frames per second).Shutter speed is how fast the shutter closes to capture the image when taking a photo. Shutter speed depends completely on what type of photo... Read More »

Buying first digital SLR camera?

Go to and compare the different cameras side by side, see which falls into your price range and which have the features you want. Look at the sites for the different cameras an... Read More »

Digital camera buying?

Nikon is a MUCH better brand than Kodak. Of course different models are different, but in general Nikon and Canon are the better brands.You want to look for 'Image Stabilization'. A camera with t... Read More »