What does the surname fuller mean?

Answer A surname that is popular in the United States and particularly common in California and Lousiana, Fuller dates back to the Medieval Age and was found most often in southeast England and East Angli... Read More »

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What does the surname Way mean?

The surname Way originally developed as a name that related to one's location. If you lived near a trail or roadway of some kind, then you might be known as "John of the Way." Over time, the name b... Read More »

What does the surname"Navarro"mean?

The surname Navarro comes from either Spanish or French origin. It comes from the kingdom of Navarre, which no longer exists but used to reside in modern-day Spain and France. The name means "the c... Read More »

What does the surname Jamir mean?

Jamir means handsome and comes from an Arabic origin. During the decade 2000 to 2010, the name Jamir increased in popularity as a first name. Before then, it was seldom heard as a first name, but w... Read More »

What does the surname Klein mean?

The surname Klein means "small stature" or can mean a junior or son, explains NameLab. The last name Klein is typically German, Dutch or Jewish in origin. In German, the name can also serve as a fi... Read More »