What does the surname Doyle mean?

Answer According to family history website the Coat of Arms Store, the name Doyle is of English and Irish origin. In Ireland, the surname Doyle is thought to originate from the Leinster region where the n... Read More »

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What does the surname Way mean?

The surname Way originally developed as a name that related to one's location. If you lived near a trail or roadway of some kind, then you might be known as "John of the Way." Over time, the name b... Read More »

What does the surname Gunter mean?

Of Belgic origin, the surname Gunter means " to devour" from "ingulphus." It was traditionally the name given to locals of Ghent and Gaunt in Belgium. More recently in history it became part of th... Read More »

What does the surname Barrett mean?

The surname Barrett is an Anglo-Saxon name with roots in Old English and German. The modern name comes from precursors such as Beornheard and Bernhard, with "ber" meaning "bear" and "hard" meaning ... Read More »

What does the surname schwiers mean?

A German surname that has various derivations, Schwiers is uncommon in the United States but has a long history that dates back to the 13th century.German OriginsThe first recorded instance of the ... Read More »