What does the surname Cohen mean?

Answer The surname "Cohen" indicates membership in the priestly caste of Jews, the descendants of Aaron, brother of Moses.Biblical originsThe name Cohen is taken directly from the Hebrew (sometimes spelle... Read More »

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What does the surname Way mean?

The surname Way originally developed as a name that related to one's location. If you lived near a trail or roadway of some kind, then you might be known as "John of the Way." Over time, the name b... Read More »

What does the surname Klein mean?

The surname Klein means "small stature" or can mean a junior or son, explains NameLab. The last name Klein is typically German, Dutch or Jewish in origin. In German, the name can also serve as a fi... Read More »

What does the surname Hoecake mean?

The surname "Hoecake" has more than one possible origin. Hoecakes are referred to in several 18th century recipes as cornmeal pancakes baked by ex-slaves "on a broad, flat, iron hoe." Other sources... Read More »

What does the surname Larson mean?

Larson is a Scandinavian surname that is sometimes also used as a male first name. Its meaning, "the son of Lars (or Lawrence)," can be derived by dividing the word into "Lars" and "son."Source:Mea... Read More »