What does the suffix code NR stand for in HP notebooks?

Answer In Hewlett Packard (HP) notebooks the "NR" stands for no region. It means that there is no specific region where the laptop is sold. Hewlett Packard offers a wide variety of mini netbooks and lapto... Read More »

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What does an EAN bar code stand for?

The EAN barcode stands for European Article Number, more recently known as the International Article Number (IAN). The 13 to 17 EAN, or IAN, numbers sit below the black-lined bars found on retail p... Read More »

What does sic code stand for?

The term "SIC code" refers to the four-digit Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system used to identify and classify businesses and companies into like groups. The term "SIC code" is often st... Read More »

What does the airline code MCO stand for?

The airline code MCO stands for McCoy Air Force Base. This is the former name of the airfield now called Orlando International Airport. Orlando residents joke that the letters MCO mean "Mickey's Co... Read More »

What does procedure code 80053 stand for?

Comprehensive metabolic panel-This is a standard lab charge