How Often Does a Stargazer Lily Bloom?

Answer True lilies are part of the genus Lilium and have stems that are stiff and firm, with narrow leaves resembling straps. The flowers of the lily are big and colorful and are either trumpet-, bell- or... Read More »

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Stargazer Lily Description?

The Stargazer lily (Lilium orientalis "Stargazer") is a perennial flower that grows from a bulb or rhizome. It's a cultivar of the oriental lily and is easy to grow. California lily grower and bree... Read More »

How long does it take for stargazer lilies to open?

Stargazer lilies should open, or bloom, between July and September. You should plant the bulbs either in fall or spring. Depending on when you planted them, it can take anywhere from six months to ... Read More »

What does the red garnet lily symbolize?

A red garnet lily, a perennial with garnet-colored blooms and red speckles, symbolizes love, warmth and desire. The red lily is also the symbol of the Florence, Italy, because it was used heavily a... Read More »

What does a lily look like?

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