What does the stabilizer bar in a vehicle do?

Answer A stabilizer bar, also called a sway bar, is a suspension device that allows your vehicle to be more stable. The bar connects the left and right wheels together. It prevents vehicles from rolling o... Read More »

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What does a stabilizer link do?

A stabilizer link, also called a sway bar link, connects the stabilizer bar to the lower suspension arm. The stabilizer link receives forces sideways from the tires and sends them to the stabilizer... Read More »

If you are the co-signer on a vehicle purchase does your name have to be on the insurance to take the vehicle from the dealership?

Answer It's probably best to add your son to your policy as soon as he gets his license and have him noted as an occasioinal driver. This way he gains "insurance experience", so that when the time... Read More »

Can a registered driver who does not own a vehicle or insurance drive a parents' vehicle and be covered by their insurance should a wreck occur?

Non-owned auto policy If you do not own a vehicle, but have a driver license, you can obtain a non-owned auto policy. Check with your local independent insurance agent. I don't know if direct wri... Read More »

How Does a Stabilizer Tow Bar Work?

Stabilizer tow bars are “return to center” devices intended to reduce or eliminate uncontrolled side-to-side trailer movement while underway. Such mechanisms can radically reduce road fatigue; ... Read More »