What does the speakers on a pc do?

Answer They play sounds, music, voices, movies etc. just like any other speakers.

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I have a bluray with speakers and I was wondering if I can connect the speakers and what do I need?

If the bluray has an optical IN and the TV has an optical OUT then connect them an optical cable

What would happen if i hooked 4ohm speakers up to a 5.1 surround reciever that the original speakers were 8ohm?

You'll have to be careful not to turn them up too loud, because they may draw more current than your receiver is designed for. If this is a stand alone receiver, you have less to be worried about t... Read More »

What does RMS stand for in speakers?

The acronym RMS stands for "root mean square" when used to describe speaker specifications. The root mean square measures how much power a speaker can produce and it is measured in watts.Source:Len... Read More »

What does 2-way speakers mean.?

It means that the speaker has two drivers to reproduce sound. Typically a 2-way speaker has a "woofer" to reproduce the lower frequencies and a "tweeter" to reproduce the higher frequencies. It usu... Read More »