What does a directional verb mean?

Answer A directional verb is an action word in American sign language. The meaning of the verb is dependent upon the hand gesture for the word. For example, moving your hand from yourself to the other per... Read More »

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As a verb or adjective, what does Facebook or Facebooking mean?

It's the new f word. Facebook the facebooking facebookers!

English Verb Projects?

English verb projects are effective for familiarizing students with the different forms of English verbs and practicing them. Projects, ranging from written assignments to games and puzzle activiti... Read More »

How to Teach English Verb Tenses?

English speakers use verb tenses to indicate when an action occurs and whether this action is ongoing, completed or will be completed at a future time. Teaching English language students the twelve... Read More »

Spanish Verb Games?

Spanish is spoken by over 320 million people worldwide. It is easily the most spoken Romantic language, and is the second most spoken language around the world. The history of the Spanish language ... Read More »