What does Molly Putz mean?

Answer According to the "Dictionary of American Regional English," the term "Molly Putz" is used to describe a fool or an objectionable person. For example, "Molly Putz could have done a better job," mean... Read More »

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The lyrics to Incubus' song Talk SHow is on Mute reference which classic novel?

1984Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd drew inspiration for "Talk Shows on Mute" from the tele-screens in Orwell's "1984".

What is the song being played on the new mike and Molly advert on comedy central in the UK?

What does Jeff eastin of white collar mean when he says he's thinking about bringing kate back anne-rice style?

If I can't find a song at YouTube, does this mean the song is not there, ... :) ?

LOL, i was just thinking about this how there are hundreds of covers but the original songs are hiden away!Heres the song youre lookin for though! (I think! im not sure if this is the original, ive... Read More »