What does the slang term"dub"mean?

Answer The slang term "dub" is the singular form that means a wheel rim on a car that is larger than 20 inches in diameter. The pluralized form is known as "dubs" or sometimes spelled out as "dubz."Refere... Read More »

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Does a really sepecial occasion deserve a tossed salad?

The course thing is kind of old school, I would not want a chilled lobster, but rather a freshly steamed and warmed one. A salad could be served almost as a garnish around the lobster. I'd like lot... Read More »

What kind of Dressing do you use on Tossed Salad?

What is your favorite kind of salad besides a tossed one?

get a nice salad mix and add tomatoes, black olives, marinated mushrooms and artichokes, also add hearts of palm then I put a nice balsamic dressing yum really.

What does awup stand for it may be a navy term or slang?

Always with u pal. Slang word that is yelled when a member of a unit/team dies. Awup!