What does the shape of your body tell you about your health?

Answer On One Hand: Body Shape Can Help Predict Health RiskBody shape can be used to predict the risk of diseases related to obesity, such as coronary artery disease and diabetes. If you carry your extra ... Read More »

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Finding the perfect bathing suit or bikini is a hassle, especially if you have no idea which is the best for your body type. Instead of combing the racks for hours looking for "the one," take a dee... Read More »

Whats with "alkaline diets" People talking about keeping your body in an alkaline state for health?

It's all bull to fool and rip off uncritical thinkers. You passed the test!

How to Determine Your Body Shape?

Determining your body shape is often the first step in learning how to dress in a way that makes your body look its best. Nearly every woman has problem areas she would like to cover, as well as po... Read More »

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