What does the sewing term"understitch"mean?

Answer Understitching is a term used for the stitching on the right side of the material. Understitching will cause the garment edges to turn in slightly at the seams to give the finished product a profes... Read More »

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What sewing needle should I use on the sewing machine with 100 percent polyester?

When sewing 100 percent woven polyester fabric, use a universal-type needle in a size appropriate for the weight of your fabric. When sewing on a 100 percent polyester knit fabric, use a ballpoint... Read More »

What does a sewing serger do?

A sewing serger finishes the raw edges of fabric. It is similar to a sewing machine, but with multiple threads that overlock around the fabric's edge, which prevents the fabric from unraveling.Refe... Read More »

What does sewing thread weight mean?

The weight of sewing thread refers to its thickness. Several systems exist for measuring sewing thread weight. For example, fixed weight systems measure how much thread it takes to make a pound, wh... Read More »

What does it mean when it is a high lift sewing machine?

A high lift sewing machine has more room between the sewing base and the presser foot, which allows you to sew thicker materials. High lift sewing machines can work on material that is up to 5/16 o... Read More »