How to Get Your Ex Back Even if He Is Saying Never?

Answer Is your ex saying that they will never get back together with you? Does he say that your relationship was a mistake or that he never really loved you in the first place? Is your heart broken yet yo... Read More »

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Has it ever been determined what actually happened to Dr Sam Beckett after the final episode of Quantum Leap when the screen went black and showed the message saying he never returned home?

Nope- but fans have made up their own ideas of that in stories they have written themselves.

What does the saying"no harm, no foul"mean?

The phrase "no harm, no foul" is a way of saying that because no damage has been done, there is nothing to hold someone responsible for. It is often used to console someone who is apologizing for s... Read More »

What does the saying fame or famine mean?

This is a misspoken version of the saying "feast or famine." When someone says that it's either feast or famine, they mean that it feels like there is always either too much or too little of someth... Read More »

What does the saying"gilding the lily"mean?

The expression "gilding the lily" means adding ornamentation or improvement where none is needed. The saying is a paraphrase of lines from Shakespeare's 1595 play "King John": "To gild refined gold... Read More »