What does RSS mean Please tell what it means in plain talk not computer talk. Thanks?

Answer RSS stands for different things. RSS is a way of showing content (news, pictures, mp3s) without having to go to different web addresses to get it. Say you want to read the news at CNN, foxnews an... Read More »

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What does the saying fame or famine mean?

This is a misspoken version of the saying "feast or famine." When someone says that it's either feast or famine, they mean that it feels like there is always either too much or too little of someth... Read More »

What does the saying"dressed to the nines"mean?

A person "dressed to the nines" is someone fashionably and elaborately attired. The phrase most likely came about because the number nine has long served as a superlative, according to the website ... Read More »

What does the saying"bright&chipper"mean?

"Bright and chipper," often used in a derogatory tone about morning people (by non-morning people), basically means "perky" or "cheerful." Merriam-Webster says that chipper might have come from the... Read More »

What does the saying"no harm, no foul"mean?

The phrase "no harm, no foul" is a way of saying that because no damage has been done, there is nothing to hold someone responsible for. It is often used to console someone who is apologizing for s... Read More »