What does the same period in the periodic table mean?

Answer The modern periodic table, which was first developed by Dmitrii Mendeleev, is organized into 18 columns and seven rows. Today, chemists refer to the columns as "groups" and the rows as "periods." E... Read More »

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What does period 3 on the periodic table tell you?

Period 3 on the periodic table specifies elements sodium (Na) through argon (Ar). All periods greater than 3--lower on the periodic table--contain transition elements. In terms of molecular orbital... Read More »

What period is beryllium in on the periodic table?

On the periodic table, the element beryllium has a period of two. A period of two means that beryllium has two energy levels, also called shells, surrounding the nucleus of its atoms.References:Env... Read More »

What determines the length of each period in the periodic table?

The period length in the periodic table is determined by the total number of electrons that occupy sublevels in that period. The outermost electrons, or valence electrons, will determine the atom's... Read More »

What is Ce on the periodic table?

Ce stands for cerium on the periodic table and has the atomic number 58. Cerium is an abundant earth metal and is one of the most reactive metals. It is silvery white and can polish glass surfaces.... Read More »