What does the root word cred mean?

Answer "Cred" is the root word for words such as credo, credible, credit, credential and credulity. The root word "cred" means to believe. Therefore, any word with the root word "cred" will have some defi... Read More »

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What is the word root for pertaining to a vein?

What is the root meaning of the word history?

The root of the word history is “weid,” meaning “to see” or “to know,” which relates closely to the word “vision.” The word history traces back to the Greek “histor,” a wise man... Read More »

What is the root of the word photograph means?

The root of the word photograph meansphoto=picturegraph=earth

Root Word School Activities?

Being able to identify the root word in a word also means being able to identify prefixes and suffixes. Comprehension of various root words, prefixes and suffixes not only helps students with their... Read More »