What does the root word cred mean?

Answer "Cred" is the root word for words such as credo, credible, credit, credential and credulity. The root word "cred" means to believe. Therefore, any word with the root word "cred" will have some defi... Read More »

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What does gravida 3 para 3 mean?

means pregnant three times, gave birth three times

What does a bare root rose mean?

The term "bare root" refers to a method of shipping roses in which the plants are shipped without soil. Roses ordered from a catalog or online are typically shipped with bare roots.Source:Rose Maga... Read More »

Does both hosanna and Hosea come from the same root word?

Both "hosanna" and the biblical name "Hosea" come from the same root word, which is the Hebrew "hosia," meaning "to save" or "to deliver." Hosanna is an appeal for salvation, and actually means "de... Read More »

What does Marine corps manual vol 1 para 10279 say?