What does the red dot on the Japan flag represent?

Answer The red circle in the middle of the Japanese flag represents the sun. The flag, adopted in 1870 as the national flag, is called "Nisshoki," which literally means "rising sun flag.''Source:Japanese ... Read More »

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What does the red represent on the rebel flag?

The red "field" of the confederate flag represents the blood shed for freedom. Some people have interpreted that as "military" blood on the battlefield; others have seen it as the blood Christ shed... Read More »

What does the Massachusetts flag represent?

Massachusetts' state flag features the state's Coat of Arms, including a blue shield depicting an American Indian holding a bow in one hand and an arrow in the other. This represents the Massachuse... Read More »

What do the colors on the U.S. flag represent?

The colors on the U.S. flag originally bore no significance. However, with the adoption of the Great Seal in 1782, the similar colors on the Stars and Stripes became meaningful. White embodies inno... Read More »

What does the Swiss flag represent?

Although Switzerland has had a single flag only since the 19th century, it represents the long history of the unification of its cantons. Its shape and symbols reflect the shared heritage of all th... Read More »