What does the red color represent in the flag of france?

Answer The red color in the French flag represents Saint Denis, who is regarded as the patron saint of the city of Paris. Saint Denis' flag was solid red with a sun symbol so red was incorporated into the... Read More »

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What does the flag of argentina represent?

Argentina's flag is made up of three horizontal stripes--blue on the bottom and top and white in the center. In the middle is a yellow sun called the Sun of May. The blue represents the sky and th... Read More »

What does the Vietnam flag represent?

The Vietnamese flag has a yellow star on a red background. The five points of the star represent farmers, workers, intellectuals, youth and soldiers. This version of the flag was adopted in 1955.So... Read More »

What do the stripes represent on the U.S. flag?

The stripes on the United States flag represent the original colonies: one stripe per colony. The 13 alternating stripes comprise seven red and six white. Red symbolizes valor, and white symbolizes... Read More »

What does the red dot on the Japan flag represent?

The red circle in the middle of the Japanese flag represents the sun. The flag, adopted in 1870 as the national flag, is called "Nisshoki," which literally means "rising sun flag.''Source:Japanese ... Read More »