What does the red arrow mean in Bearshare?

Answer The "red arrow" that sometimes will appear in the Bearshare multimedia sharing program is an indicator that there might be a problem with the file being downloaded. The problem could potentially b... Read More »

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What does"queued"mean on Bearshare?

Bearshare downloads show up as "queued" if the files are coming from other users who go offline or stop using Bearshare. A "queued" status also appears when the user removes the file you're trying ... Read More »

What does the Arrow of Light mean?

The Arrow of Light is the highest Cub Scout honor. The award shows a sun with seven rays over an arrow. The rays symbolize each day of the week, reminding a scout to do his best daily. A scout who ... Read More »

What does a red down arrow mean in BitTorrent?

BitTorrent protocol is the global standard for delivering high-quality files over the Internet. The down arrow means that the torrent is downloading. However, the color red indicates that there is ... Read More »

What does the blinking yellow arrow on the traffic light mean?

It means that you may make the indicated turn on a permissive basis, after yielding to conflicting vehicles and pedestrians. This is usually the same as turning on the circular green, but the flash... Read More »