What does the purpose in a science fair project mean?

Answer The purpose in a science fair project describes what you are trying to determine by conducting the experiment. The purpose is written as a statement. For example, a purpose could read: "The purpose... Read More »

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What does a science fair project board look like?

Science project boards are large cardboard displays with three panels. Standard display boards are white and measure 36 inches tall by 48 inches wide. Many sizes are available, so check with your s... Read More »

Science Fair Project: Does Acid Cause Erosion?

Many young people these days wear braces on their teeth. Probably all of them have heard their orthodontist's warning to avoid citrus fruit and soda while wearing braces because the acid in these p... Read More »

What is a constant in a science fair project?

Science fair projects allow students to learn about the scientific process of forming and testing a hypothesis. The term "constant" or "constant variable" refers to the portion of the science fair ... Read More »

What All Is Needed for a Science Fair Project?

Science fairs are a common way to teach students about science in a fun and interesting way. However, they also require quite a bit of research and hands-on work. While the exact requirements for a... Read More »