What does the progress bar on facebook mean (easy best answer!)?

Answer New users have it, it's to keep track of how they are setting up their Facebook account. For example, you might just have joined facebook your progress is at 0%. Then, you upload a picture of yours... Read More »

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I want to know one answer.I am having facebook in my Samsung galaxy y. Today (wants to connect on facebook )?

you might sync your account go to settings->accunts and sync->click on your fb account and remove the account from synconisationalso disable auto syncnext time when you login dont sync

Why suddenly on facebook , i can see 'facebook user' and i cant answer to this person anymore ?

If it says you can no longer message them, then yes.

Getting a new fone easy best answer!?

Please answer this easy question?

Cherry.But I'm so old, I remember when you purchased a coke in the drug store, and paid extra for them to put a squirt of cherry in it to create a "Cherry Coke". back then, no one sold a Vanilla C... Read More »