What does the progress bar on facebook mean (easy best answer!)?

Answer New users have it, it's to keep track of how they are setting up their Facebook account. For example, you might just have joined facebook your progress is at 0%. Then, you upload a picture of yours... Read More »

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10 points for best answer! How does suggested friends on facebook work?

She know and probably saw the friend suggestion (like me sometimes I do not send the request just in case that person don't accept me :( lol ) and I wait until the send me the request. But I will n... Read More »

What does construction in progress mean in accounting terms?

Accounting has a specific method of categorizing assets, so when an asset is in the process of assembly the expenses associated with the asset are categorized as "construction in progress."Referenc... Read More »

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You want to get your pictures on Google image search? Well, you can't just post them there. Those pictures are always on an external server. Google just scans pages and finds pictures and displays ... Read More »

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