What does the prefix litho mean?

Answer The prefix litho means stone, from the Greek word with the same meaning, "lithos." In medicine, the prefix litho refers to mineral deposits resembling stones that form in the kidney, urinary tract ... Read More »

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What does litho in the USA mean?

"Litho" is a Greek root word that means stone. It is used in U.S. English in such words as lithograph (a print made from a wax or oil drawing on limestone). Only a limited number of prints can be m... Read More »

Difference Between Litho & Photo in Stamps?

Stamps exude a wide variety of design, originality, artistic themes and back-stories. The finished product can be stunning and provocative. This article explains the difference between two of the m... Read More »

What does the prefix"ac-"mean?

According to English Club, the prefix "ac" can have multiple meanings, including "movement to, change into, addition, or increase." Other prefixes with a similar meaning include "ad-", "as-" and "a... Read More »

What does the prefix exo mean?

Exo means outside, outer or external. In the sentence, "Insects have an exoskeleton," this translates to, "Insects have an external skeleton." Exo is of Greek origin. Another exo word is exocrine, ... Read More »