What does the prefix fibro mean?

Answer The prefix fibro means fiber and is used when forming compound words. Examples of common medical and anatomical words that include the prefix include fibrolite, fibrous tissue, fibrocyst and fibrom... Read More »

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Fibro myaligia?

Feeling tired and painful is Fibromyalgia. On your days off rest as much as possible. Fibromyalgia is a disease that consumes your Energy. I'm sure you push yourself during work and that's why yo... Read More »

What does the prefix"ac-"mean?

According to English Club, the prefix "ac" can have multiple meanings, including "movement to, change into, addition, or increase." Other prefixes with a similar meaning include "ad-", "as-" and "a... Read More »

What does the prefix exo mean?

Exo means outside, outer or external. In the sentence, "Insects have an exoskeleton," this translates to, "Insects have an external skeleton." Exo is of Greek origin. Another exo word is exocrine, ... Read More »

What does the prefix"di"mean?

The prefix “di” is of Greek origin and means two, twice or double. The prefix is common in English, especially in scientific and technical terms. Words like diarchy (a form of government with t... Read More »