What does the power switch on a camera do?

Answer the power switch on a camera turns on or off the camera.

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What Does the Power Steering Pressure Switch Do?

The power steering pressure switch lurks quietly under the hood until a problem develops with a vehicle, such as a power steering leak requiring line replacement. If the vehicle idles poorly and th... Read More »

Where does the power switch go in a PC?

The power switch on a PC is part of the power supply unit. The power supply unit should be placed either at the top or the bottom of the computer case depending on the model of the case.References... Read More »

Where does my power switch connect to?

Download and/or read the manual here:…

Where does a power switch connect to on a motherboard?

Looking at the manual, download from the link, on page 1-25 there are a series of jumper switches in the bottom right hand corner of the mobo (long side vertical and external connectors to the left... Read More »