What does the power converter on my rv do?

Answer A power converter changes AC electricity to DC electricity. It is attached to the circuit breakers or fuse box, depending on the RV model. Most RVs come with power converters installed, but if a un... Read More »

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Does an HP laptop need a power converter in China?

Yes. If you are traveling from the U.S. you will need a special adapter. China uses 220v, 50hz AC power as opposed to the U.S. standard of 110v 60hz. Additionally, the plugs used in China can va... Read More »

What power converter computer is needed in barcelona?

No power converter is needed to use a computer in Barcelona. Power in Barcelona, Spain, is 220 volts, but modern computers are equipped to handle anything from 110 Volts to 240 volts. However, non-... Read More »

What kind of power converter do I need in Israel?

Electricity in Israel operates at 220 volts. A person needs a converter in Israel that is capable of converting electricity to 220 volts. The converter also needs to have a type "C" adapter that wi... Read More »

How to Wire a Power Converter?

Power converters are used to convert one type of power to another type. A common example is the DC to AC converter, also known as a power inverter. The second type is, as one might expect, the AC t... Read More »