What does morte bella mean?

Answer The Italian "Bella Morte" is translated into English as beautiful death. "Bella Morte" is also a Gothic rock band from Charlottesville, Virginia that formed in 1996 and released its first album, "R... Read More »

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How to Say Hello in Portuguese?

Portugal and Brazil are two major countries that speak Portuguese. Portuguese is similar to Spanish in that they're both romance languages. However, the Portuguese alphabet has only 23 letters whil... Read More »

How many calories in a Portuguese bun?

On average, 1 Portuguese bun contains 100-200 calories.

How to Pronounce Portuguese?

This is a guide to portuguese pronounciation. Notice that portuguese is a language spoken in many different parts of the world (mainly in Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique and Angola), and therefore the... Read More »

Where can I learn Portuguese?

Many large colleges and universities offer Portuguese language classes, including UCLA. Those who prefer smaller, non-college classes or private lessons can enroll at a Berlitz language center that... Read More »