What does the pinata represent?

Answer While the pinata has lost much of its religious symbolism, when it was introduced to Mexico by Spanish missionaries in the 16th century, the pinata represented Satan and the seven deadly sins. Brea... Read More »

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What does the mark over the"n"in pinata mean?

The mark over the Spanish "n" is called a tilde. The tilde turns the letter into an "enye," which is pronounced like an "n" with a "y." For example, the word "piñata" is pronounced "pinyata" and t... Read More »

What does the F represent for the F1 key?

The "F" in the keys at the top of the keyboard stands for "function." They are function keys because a computer manufacture may build in a specific function for each key, such as calling up a speci... Read More »

What does UPC represent?

UPC represents an abbreviation for Universal Product Code. The UPC code is placed on products to assist in serving as an inventory tracking device. It was first developed for grocery stores to assi... Read More »

What does h2o represent?

H2O Is the chemical formula for water representing two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom bonded together. The bonds that hold the oxygen and hydrogen together are known as covalent bonds.Source:Sw... Read More »