What does the phrase"with a grain of salt"mean?

Answer When someone tells you to "take it with a grain of salt," it means that the information you are receiving is not necessarily accurate and that you should be skeptical about believing it. The expres... Read More »

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What does a pollen grain contain?

Pollen grains are tiny, but each one contains the genetic code necessary to create new life. Pollen is produced by the anthers on the tips of the stamens, the male sex organs of a flower. Here, the... Read More »

What grain bullet does the us military use in the M 9?

The US and other NATO forces use the 9mm NATO cartridge, which uses a 124 grain projectile. It also puts out significantly higher chamber pressure than a regular 9x19 Parabellum cartridge, so I wou... Read More »

What does a pollen grain consist of?

A pollen grain contains various cells necessary for plant reproduction, including the male gamete. Thus, pollen is analogous to sperm in male animals. Pollen grains must land in another plant's pis... Read More »

What does it mean to cut across the grain?

Cutting across the grain (or against the grain) is a common instruction in recipes and when cutting wood and other materials. The item will have natural lines running through it. To cut across the ... Read More »