What does the phrase working knowledge mean?

Answer Someone with a working knowledge of something is familiar with it and can use it, without knowing exactly how it works. The person knows just enough to be functional. Someone with a working knowled... Read More »

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What does the phrase"in care of"mean?

The phrase "in care of" refers to something being delivered by way of someone, though someone or under the supervision of someone. It is commonly used in mail to describe an intermediary who is res... Read More »

What does the phrase"pony up"mean?

The English idiomatic phrase "pony up" means to pay for something. For example, "I had to pony up some cash for the baseball tickets." Monetary idioms with similar meanings include "ante up" and "f... Read More »

What does the phrase"fit to be tied"mean?

A very upset or angry person is sometimes said to be "fit to be tied," a phrase that first appeared in print in 1894. Although the expression's origin is unclear, it appears to be of American origi... Read More »

What does the phrase whale the tar out of him mean?

The phrase "whale the tar out him," or "whale the tar out of someone," means that one is going to hit, attack or spank someone severely. The phrase is closely related to the phrase "beating the tar... Read More »