What does the phrase grimy hands mean?

Answer it means when your hands are covered with dirt and soil

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How do I clean a grimy bathtub?

PrecautionsPut on a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands from the cleaners. Open the bathroom window or set up a fan in the doorway for proper ventilation.Cleaning SolutionPour 1 gallon of w... Read More »

How to clean a lot of grimy blinds quickly?

Once a year I take mine down to clean them Make sure they are fully open before removing them Then fill the bath with enough water to cover them Add vinegar and swish it around before adding blinds... Read More »

How to Clean Grimy Copper Cabinet Hardware?

Copper cabinet hardware fixtures add style to cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom. As the copper handles and knobs are exposed to body oils, dirt and grime, they can become stained and tarnished-l... Read More »

A Coin Collector's Best Way to Restore Tarnished and Grimy Coins?

As a coin collector, you should keep your coins in their original tarnished state; attempting to remove the tarnish reduces the value of the coin by 50 percent or more. Tarnishing is a natural proc... Read More »