Where does the peace sign come from?

Answer The peace sign first appeared in April 1958 in England during a nuclear disarmament march. It was designed by London textile designer Gerald Holtom. The symbol was widely used in the anti-war ralli... Read More »

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What is the code for the peace sign?

Many online forms and multimedia devices allow you to enter a code to create a symbol. For example, if you wanted to text a peace sign to someone instead of writing out the word "peace," then you c... Read More »

What does the minus sign stand for on your bank statement?

A minus on a banking statement is actually a credit to your account. It can be from funds received, a credit issued, or an adjustment made. The minus will offset a plus (which is a charge to your a... Read More »

How to Do the Peace Sign?

The peace sign is used all over the world and now you can do it too.

How to Draw a Peace Sign?

Completed peace signThe peace sign originated in the military, when people would bring both arms down in an upside down "V" position, which stood for the letter "N". The "N" stood for Nuclear. When... Read More »