What is a Right Parietal Falcine Meningioma?

Answer The Skull Base Institute describes a meningioma as any tumor occurring in the meninges, the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord. Meningiomas are classified based on where they occur. ... Read More »

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What if your 11 month baby's CTscan report reads as deep white matter edema in bifrontal and high parietal region What is the effect of it and what is the next treatment step?

it is caused due to hydrocephalus and next step is ventriculo-peritoneal shunting

Swollen ear lobe... Please help?

It's not a zit. It's a hypertrophic scar/keloid. They aren't uncommon with piercings, and could be a sign of infection. Clean your piercing with antibacterial soap twice a day and do a sea salt soa... Read More »

Is getting a second ear lobe piercing with a gun bad?

A gun is never safe. But if you can't get it done by a needle, then a gun is okay on the lobes. Its not the best idea, but it'll be fine.

How to Tell If You Have a Bad Lobe on Your Camshaft?

A bad lobe on a camshaft is actually an uncommon problem with older, flat tappet camshafts and fairly rare on cams with roller tappets. But, as oil companies reduced additives containing zinc (ZDDP... Read More »