Who saw "Xmen the last stand" and if you saw it rate it from a scale 1-10?

Answer Hi I would rate it about an 8 I thought it was awesome. I didn't like the fact that they killed off so many good people.

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What is the difference between a weight scale&a balanced scale?

Weight scales independently measure the mass of an object in pounds of pressure, or what we commonly call "weight." Balance scales, on the other hand, compare an object's mass to that of another ob... Read More »

What does HO scale mean?

HO scale refers to the relationship between specific-size model railroad cars to their real-life counterparts. The HO scale is at a ratio of 1:87, which reduces a model to 1/87 of its original size... Read More »

What does my scale read and am I too heavy?

Your scale is set in Stone/Pound mode (British units). It probably reads 9 stone 3.5lbs? A stone = 14 pounds, so 9 x 14 = 126 pounds, plus 3.5 = 129.5 pounds.If you want to change your scales weigh... Read More »

What does 118 scale diecast mean?

In die cast terms, 1:18 scale means a model or replica is one-eighteenth the size of the actual item. For example, if a truck was exactly 18 feet long and nine feet tall, its 1:18 scale die cast re... Read More »