What does the option subscribe mean in facebook?

Answer It means that every message directed to him (from another subscriber) will also be posted on your wall. Yes, he will know.

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What does "subscribe" mean on youtube?

If you have a YouTube account you can subscribe people so you know when they have a new vid!Just like when you subscribe for a magazine or newspaper!Hope I helped :)

What does preferential option mean?

Preferential option for the poor is a philosophy of the Catholic religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. It advocates that poor, unprivileged and sick individuals be given help and treatme... Read More »

What does lease with option to buy mean?

A contract may state that a customer has a lease with an option to buy, meaning that the customer is renting the property, but that at any point during the duration of the lease, the customer can d... Read More »

What does the option of clicking im feeling lucky on google mean?

When you do a Google search, clicking "i'm feeling lucky" brings you immediately to the first link that you would see if you clicked "Search." It brings you to the first website that matches what y... Read More »