What does the number 800 mean on jewelry?

Answer The number "800" printed on a piece of silver jewelry means that the silver is not sterling. Sterling silver must be 92.5 per cent silver and will have the number "925" printed on it. An item marke... Read More »

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What does the number 925 mean on jewelry?

Marking a piece of jewelry with 925 means that the piece contains at least 925 parts per thousand of pure silver. Another way of saying this is the piece is at least 92.5 percent silver. The terms ... Read More »

What does the number 925 on jewelry mean?

Jewelry marked with 925 is made from sterling silver. Pure silver is too malleable by itself and is combined with 7.5 percent copper to strengthen it. The 925 tells you that your jewelry is 92.5 pe... Read More »

What does dwt mean in jewelry?

In precious metal and jewelry terms, "dwt" is the abbreviation for a pennyweight, which equals .05 troy oz. or 1.555174 g. The term is based on the weight of an ancient coin and comes from the Troy... Read More »

What does 10 kh mean in jewelry?

There is no "kh" abbreviation in jewelry. If you came across something similar to that, most likely it was "10 k," or "10 karats". The karat system refers to how much pure, liquid gold is inside a ... Read More »