Have you ever had Rolling Rock beer Do you like it?

Answer First of all dear, it's pale lager, not ale. Rolling Rock beer is distinctive in several ways, including use of green glass bottles with painted-on labels rather than glued-on paper labels.The numb... Read More »

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What is your favorite beer I love Rolling Rock! do you?

I'll pass on the RR ! For domestic beer, 1 of my current favs is leinenkugal honey-weisse; I also like Sam Adams Boston ALE (not the lager) & a regional microbrew called Ipswich ale !

How can I remove a eight by ten photograph from: a wine bottle Tried rolling it back out?

You will need a stick or pencil. Use the end of the pencil and pin the photo to the wall o the wine bottle. Now rotate the bottle till the photo rolls up tight. Gently drag the photo out.

Do you like beer from a bottle?

From a glassTo start with it's more hygienic and put bluntly, only working class riff-raff drink direct from the bottle.Ian M

Why isn't plastic used to bottle beer?

While it is unusual to see plastic bottles used for beer, experimentation with the packaging has been going on for more than a decade. However, there remain several practical and emotional roadbloc... Read More »