What does the number 11 mean on the bottom of a mason jar?

Answer Mason jars were once made by hand. Since glassblowers got paid based on the number of jars they made, the glassblower would stamp his identification number on the bottom of his jars. When the proce... Read More »

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What does the number 34 mean on the bottom of the Le Creuset pot?

The "34" printed on the bottom of a Le Creuset pot refers to its size. The 34 round casserole is 34 centimeters in diameter, or just over 13 inches. Other Le Creuset pots can be much large, while o... Read More »

What does the number 3 mean on the bottom of a silver pitcher?

In some countries, numerals were used on silver items to represent the purity of the silver. For example, in Hungary between 1937 and 1965, a 3 indicated 90 percent silver while in Czechoslovakia b... Read More »

What does"la petite mason"mean?

The words "la" and "petite" are French words for "the" and "little." "Mason" should actually be spelled "maison" (pronounced close to may-zone) and means "house." Therefore, the French phrase "la p... Read More »

What does USA on the bottom of pottery mean?

The U.S.A. logo placed on the bottom of the pottery lets consumers know the item was manufactured in the United States of America. American companies place these logos on the bottom of their produc... Read More »